The easiest way to create, check and manage complex, ISO 20022 – based xml messages
concerning European payments standard SEPA.

Developed by IT and payments specialists in order to simplify working with SEPA 
messages whether it be through testsupport or operations.

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SEPA Test Tool / Testsupport & Maintenance


SEPA Recall processing

  Create and manage SEPA test messages with PayFITS and generate the resulting current XML format version. Not only can SEPA test data be easily created but it can also be re-used therefore reducing testing efforts by up to 90%.

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  Planning a cost-benefit analysis for implementing a SEPA Recall Process within your own payment solution is no longer necessary - talk to us about our ready-to-use solution for SEPA Recall and save yourself effort, time and money.

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Message Validation & Viewing


Message Creation & Conversion

  PayFITS offers the completely new, easily-understandable and structured presentation and management of SEPA messages where the business meaning behind the messages becomes priority.
Scheme and usage rules are checked and any errors are recorded in a clearly arranged report.

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  Create each SEPA message in less than a minute – whether it concerns credit transfer or direct debit and B2B. Transfer "R-Messages" directly and automatically from the originating payment message and convert them into various scheme and format versions.

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