The UNIFITS GmbH is solely focused on solutions and services related to the ISO 20022 standard UNIFI (Universal Financial Industry Message Scheme).

The UNIFITS GmbH is the leading provider for ISO 20022 based test- and archiving solutions.

PayFITS is the product line around the ISO 20022 domain PAYMENTS.

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PayFITS Bank Simulator
SEPA End-to-End Test for Corporates


PayFITS Test Engine
SEPA End-to-End Test for Banks and Clearinghouses

  The PayFITS Bank Simulator validates all ISO 20022 based XML messages within the customer to bank space and simulates all kind of bank to customer reject and booking messages (PAIN und CAMT)

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  The PayFITS Test Engine provides predefined test cases for SEPA CT, SEPA DD as well as SEPA Cards and executes SEPA end-to-end tests in a fully automatic manner. Innovative for banks and clearinghouses.

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ISO 20022 XML Repository
Represents a new generation for XML archiving and investigation


ISO 20022 XML Tool Box
validate, repair, create, convert, view, ...

  The ISO 20022 XML Repository is the archive and investigation solution for all kind of XML messages. There are no limits in terms of file size and amount and the investigation features are freely configurable.

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  With the spread of the ISO 20022 XML standard there is an increased need for specialized tools to be able to validate, repair, create, convert or just view those complex XML messages. To support all these needs UNIFITS developed the ISO 20022 XML Tool Box.

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